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Thank you for visiting DeafWomenCanada.ca, the Canadian Deaf Women's Conference (CDWC) of 2007 is for you and your friends. Our hope is to host a conference that reflects women's values. Traditionally, women value the needs of people; the needs of friends, family, children and those who suffer. Our Conference theme, "Deaf Women: Honouring Our Past, Planning Our Future" reflects these values.

This conference hopes to promote people and to provide benefits and advancement for all participants. Women are renowned for kindness, generosity and love that inspire healthy communities. We hope that you all will celebrate the spirit of Deaf Canadian Women. With that spirit, we can use our power to engergize and humanize society.

When you return home to your community, family and friends, we hope you will be inspired to share your experiences to all those you touch.


The Organizing Committee
Vancouver, British Columbia

Greetings from the Chairwoman:

Welcome to beautiful Vancouver on the West Coast!

I am so thrilled that we have the opportunity to host the Canadian Deaf Women's Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia in August 2007.

I hope from this conference you will be inspired and celebrate our diversity. I am proud to be a Deaf woman and I am elated to be able to share in this experience with you.

Join our vision of uniting Deaf Women to share our values, traditions and beliefs. Let's use this time to engage in open and honest dialogue, recognizing our strengths and uniting to make a positive impact in our communities.

Vancouver is a dynamic, multicultural city set in a spectacular natural environment. Your calendar will be busy, enjoying and exploring our friendly city, its culture, sites, restaurants and fabulous shopping.


Janice "JJ" Jickels
DWC's Chairwoman, Organizing Committee

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